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As a transgender woman, I have watched as our marginalized community has been vilified by the right. I have been on the receiving end of hate before, and while
most of that hate stems from ignorance, there is a dark force driving it, stoking the flames: The “Christian right.” The worst part is that we are just a test run for an assault on LGBTQ+ rights in this country; we are the most marginalized, the group
they feel are the easiest tests of their legislative ire. We are their canary in the coal mine.
These policies are NOT popular with the American people. This is a fact proven in poll after poll, and in the losses incurred by Republicans who run on anti-LGBTQ policies.
Initiative 2081 was passed in our state, and it mandates schools out LGBTQ children to abusive parents, all in the name of ‘parents rights.’ Democrats passed it
only because the alternative was letting the voters decide, and if the voters passed it, Democrats could not change the bill. This is already a bridge too far;
Republicans like Rep. Jim Walsh, who introduced this and other ballot initiatives, know what they’re doing. Rep. Walsh and his ilk have been trying to run the same anti-LGBTQ playbook for years. This is the same Rep. Walsh who wore a yellow Star of David to liken vaccines to Nazi Germany. This is also deeply offensive to
me, as someone of Jewish faith. We cannot expect good things to come from
people who think this way, and we must stand firm to fight them at every level.

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