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An informed electorate is a powerful electorate. When I voted for our current
Democratic leadership, I expected my voice to be heard and carried to Olympia. Isn’t that what we all expect? Unfortunately, special interest groups and corporations buy our politicians, and our vote ends up meaning nothing. We have Democrats voting against assault weapons bans, against climate legislation,
against prison reform and capital gains tax. We have a party that defines us, but not all in the party do so equally.

We have tools to have our voices heard in Olympia after the election is over. Public comments on proposed legislation is a great way to be heard, as your comments go to your elected officials. I want YOU to inform decisions in Olympia, not the oil
companies, not the anti-abortion lobbyists, not the corporate interests. I intend to make sure our voting agenda is provided weekly, let you know how I would vote, and then receive your public comments to see if my voice is the majority voice.

Together, we can all be represented in Olympia.

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