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Reviving the American Dream for all means looking to the future and creating sustainable, impactful change.



Safeguarding our citizens requires freedom of bodily autonomy. The right to choose is universal. 



Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness is a human right, and it's time to bring humanity into our policies. 



An informed electorate is a powerful electorate. Together, we can all be represented in Olympia. 

Meet Janet

Hi, I’m Janet Melman. I live here in Bellingham with my wife, daughter, our dog Hana and our three cats. We love the diversity and kindness of this community, and it’s shaped us all in positive ways.


As a parent, I want what’s best for my child and all our children, and I want those values reflected in Olympia. I support the right of a woman to choose what’s best for her body and health.  I support climate change mitigation; we turn a blind eye to it at the expense of our future and our childrens’ futures in this pristine land. I support social net expansion to help those who need our support, and incentives to grow our robust local economy, as the first major stop for our northern neighbors. As a healthcare advocate, I want to ensure Washingtonians continue to benefit from one of the most free and fair states in the nation, and I want to fight to protect our LGBTQ+ community against continued, incessant attacks from the right.

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"The Mental Health Now program, powered by Inseparable Action, signals to voters that if elected, a candidate will govern with mental health policy in mind. This means they will stand for increasing access to mental health care, promoting prevention and early intervention by expanding youth mental health services, and improving crisis response."


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